A GOP Conspiracy to Weaken the Economy?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by nitro, Jul 2, 2010.

Is there a GOP Conspiracy to Weaken the Economy?

  1. Yes. The GOP are scum

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  2. No. The GOP want a recovery as badly as anyone else.

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  3. I don't know. I can't tell the difference between one white guy and another.

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  4. I don't care.

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  1. nitro


  2. Disingenuous view, at the least.
  3. GTS


    Is there a DEM conspiracy to artificially prop up the economy right before the fall congressional elections with stimulus spending?
  4. The article is ridiculous. However, I do remember the democrat party hoping the Iraq war would go badly before the 2006 elections.
  5. Republicans are deliberately refusing to help unemployed workers or aid the states because they undoubtedly know this will hurt the economy further – and an ailing economy will help their prospects in November.

    The Reps wanted to fund unemployment with stimilus money which the Dems wouldn't do. The Dems want to add it to the debt. Short term posturing, that's all.
  6. Republicans are cutting unemplyment checks only untill they find the money to pay for them The Republicians have drawn a line against borrowing more money to give to the unemployed.
    I would bet that when the checks start going out again many of the long term bums will have gotten jobs.

    It is foolish to support state jobs when the states cant do it on their own. Time to force them to cut the fat.
  7. GTS


    Its also my understanding that the GOP would support a straight bill to extend unemployment benefits but dems refused to do that - they only offered a bill with other spending attached which the GOP didnt want to do unless offsetting cuts were made.

    So if the dems were really concerned about the poor unemployed and not scoring political points for the fall they would have put up a bill without any unrelated spending attached to get it done.
  8. The Democrats did the same thing with additional spending for the wars. 40 billion for the war and the Dems tack on 20 billion for domestic spending.
    They are daring the Republicans to vote down the bill. What a sick way of doing business.