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  1. :confused: Hi, I am new here. I would like to get some advice, please. Can somebody recommend any good and reliable trading software with those buy and sell signals for scalping or trend riding? I am with FXCM Broker. Please advise.
  2. Im confused, what do you mean by "those" buy /sell signals? Which ones?
  3. :( I ment just simple entry signals, when I have to go short or long in real time daytrading the forex market pairs.
  4. Oh.
    You could try Metatrader, it was free i think-something simple like a moving average crossover shouldnt be impossible to program for it, i have trouble with that kind of thing myself.

    If you mean a peice of software that only provides simple signals itself( ie, thats ALL it does) like wizetrade or similiar, dont be paying any money for it, put it that way.

    Theres nothing these rip-off merchants are selling, that couldnt be figured out in a week or two's study.


    Used to be free, havent checked up on it recently, dont take my word for anything.
  5. Dead money walking. You've already blown up your account- you just don't know it yet.

    Fatal mistake #1) <b>Dealing with FXCM.</b> This is a crooked bucketshop, which won't even allow you the <b>possibility</b> of winning. If you start making money, they'll put you on manual execution. Do a search on "FXCM manual" here to see what I mean.

    Fatal mistake #2) <b>Trading Forex.</b> This is the absolute worst trading market of all. You're trading against governments and other well-informed entities who already know what the market will do in advance- because they're the ones releasing of all the info that moves it. If you look around the table and can't spot the sucker... it's you.

    Fatal mistake #3) <b>Looking to buy entry/exit signals.</b> If these signals were so good, they wouldn't be sold to you in the first place. I can only think of one reasonably trustworthy commercial vendor/guru, and that's LBR

    Good luck...
  6. :confused: What do you mean with " Dead money walking"
  7. Rearden means you will lose all your money, from not having the necessary skills, earned from years of blood, sweat and tears in figuring out your own methodology, or what works for you.

    It should be pointed out, that some quite simple methodologies can work well, even IF all they do is teach you a few things while loseing some money-a lot better value, than expensive software or signal subscription services.

    It should also be pointed out, Rearden is an options specialist, and their all mad.

  8. siki13


    Is that really so ,the mighty banks and governments can really see what am i buying or selling and then move the market against me
    Please tell me more :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
  9. siki13


    I really wish that possible intelligent people here stops giving advises about something they now nothing or didn't
    took time to learn about.
    Forex is the best market to trade specially if you trade longer time frames 1H day week
    And if you look on two different charts of lets say GBPUSD and
    AAPL and if you still ask me why is forex better then i can
    only slap you and say LOOK AGAIN YOU MORON.
  10. First of all, forget about FXCM and
    go with www.oanda.com for example.

    For signals, check out www.fx-review.com

    There is nothing wrong with trading the
    Forex market IF you are with a good
    I would call it even the less manipulated
    market there is.
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