A good reason why America should be loyal to Israel

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  1. Any questions?

  2. Just one.

    Correlation or Causation?
  3. Shouldn't it be 'A Good Reason why Israel Should be Loyal to America' ?
  4. Just curious, why is it that these people throughout history try to destroy the Jews? What have the Jews done?
  5. +10!

  6. Also people need to realize that all those entities that are marked "GONE" are political entities, such as "Nazi" or "USSR." But the people (meaning the groups or races of people) who created those antisemitic political entities are still existent just an the Jews are still existent. The Third Reich might have disappeared, but the Germans still exist just as the Jews do. To completely eliminate any present and future threats, the solution is extermination of the people. In the present geopolitical environment, how is that possible? Can the Muslims exterminate the Jews? Can the Jews exterminate all the Muslims using the United States as puppet? People just can't live with one another, can they? How sad really.