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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Port1385, May 24, 2008.

  1. I noticed that many people around here are contending with high gas prices through buying 7 year old or older vehicles. Basically, junk vehicles where they dont have to pay much in the way of depreciation, insurance, etc. and sink the savings into gas.

    There is one company that I know that specializes in selling older vehicles. Recently, on Friday it was up 3% hitting new 52 week highs while the rest of the market was in a slump.

    I expect this stock to hit 25 in the next few months.

    http://www.car-mart.com/vehicles.aspx (check this link, this is exactly what people are buying right now)
  2. Doubt it very much. Craigslist is gaining popularity as a conduit for buying and selling vehicles.
  3. There are more advantages to buying through a dealership, even a questionable used car dealership, then craigslist.

    - You always have someone to complain to and hold accountable if the vehicle is bad.

    - The dealership usually arranges the financing and takes care of other tasks such as the DMV registeration/tags/etc.

    - The vehicle is usually reconditioned and thoroughly cleaned by the dealership.

    - A limited warranty is sometimes offered by the dealership on used vehicles.

    - There is a variety of vehicles to choose from and you can go on extended test drives to be certain this is the vehicle for you.

    Craigslist is actually a nightmare as some of those vehicles are previous salvages and floods. If the dealership sold you a previous salvage or flood without your knowledge, then you can always complain to the state, complain to the dealership and/or simply file a lawsuit. However, someone off of craigslist is usually gone once you exchange the money and your left with the heap.
  4. Were at 19 folks, not bad...
  5. Just crossed 20