A good, honest online daytrading school?

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    Wow! Interesting wake up call. I didn't know this about the profession. I guess I'll keep my day job :)

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  3. The good news is, the best teacher is free and just involves getting access to real-time quotes. The market itself is by far the best and most efficient teacher, and it may take a good chunk of time and money before you're through but the honest truth to the business is if you can't figure it out on your own, you just won't make it over the long haul anyways.

    One more thing to add, along with the prior caveats on online courses and trading "schools", in the 9 or so years I've been reading this site, I still have not seen one single post that deals with the basics of reading the tape that are still relevant today. Not a single one. I suppose by the time I see it here I'll have to start looking for something else to do.
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    I would suggest that you take control of your own training and use ET to your advantage.
    There is a lot of accumulated knowledge here but very few professional traders.
    Don't let this bother you because at least you know where you stand from the very beginning ... unlike a paid day trading school where the same applies [if not worse] and you pay for the privilege.

    Firstly, it would be better for you to specialize ... ie stocks or index or forex or forex futures etc... and so frame your questions to assist you with your decision.

    Secondly you need a charting program and a data feed ... some are free and some are not, so work your way through this jungle and make your decision.

    After this you will receive guidance as to where to head next.

    The big trick is to avoid thinking in circles and this is difficult when you first start out on this journey.... but you can do it simply by letting the ET guys do all the work for you [also known as arguing], whilst you decide the course of action that best suits your personality.

    I am sure that this will work.
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  5. I think the best way is a mentor that shaves bad habits from scratch and guide you based on personality . doing a program right now with a mentor and honestly would love to go back and erase all iv'e learn in the last months ...
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  6. you think this is like picking a good medical school? daytrading is not a profession..or even a "trade".it's not a body of facts that you learn like plumbing or HVAC, then go out a make a decent reliable living.

    daytrading is nothing more than stumbling over a statistical "edge" then exploiting it. and when dice rolls the other way, get the fack out quick.

    that's daytrading. it's not a "thing"
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    I don't think you will find such a school. At best you will get some decent, practical general information that you could find for free online. At worst you'll pay for a totally useless method and be assured that you're failing because of poor discipline.
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  8. If the OP is still around...there is a site/blog called Electronic Local...read it from its inception 2009...forget about charts and 'trades...just read the context....take your time and re read..

    The guy who put it up is 'old school' and took his knocks...he does a masterful job of keeping everything relatively simple..he went on to offer 1 to 1 paid training, but nobody really needs to go that far...

    Under NO circumstances do you pay for any training or systems advertised...all results are hypothetical and manipulated..it is throwing money down a drain...and you will be completely disallusioned....

    The operators are failures at trading and now are , essentially, charlatans.

    Hope this helps all newbies and those that may be having second thoughts...

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  9. i'll PM you my edge..

    look for it!

    cause your such a nice fahhh king guy! lol
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  10. Learn as much as you can from the free webinars and online websites as you can. Read some good books. Get your basics on your own. This may well take you 6 months since you still working full-time in the military.

    You can aslo start watching the instruments you like to trade on different time-frames to get a feel of them before actually trading.

    There is no sense paying megabucks for online programs. Better save your money and use it on a course with a trader who is willing to show you his trades and you know he is profitable.
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