A good forex broker.

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by drasfs, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. drasfs


    Ive had some bad experiences with previous forex brokers and now I want to know which one is the best, offering at least 400:1 leverage and who offer the best:

    2customer support
  2. can you explain some of those bad experiences ?

    why do you need so much leverage?

    good luck ...
  3. drasfs


    The platform I used with the previous broker, made the graphic on my computer go nuts, as well as other bugs, that blocked me from placing an order.

    The use of higher leverage is just my way of trading.
  4. Sounds like you have never traded Forex before. You avoid giving basic details.

    Which brokers and platforms have you used?
  5. drasfs


    Its not my intention to spread bad advertising about any brokers.

    The one thing I prioritize most is being able to trade with 400:leverage with as much money as possible.

    If you have one open position consisting of three 3 lots for example, cmsfx will decrease your leverage on the 4th lot.

    Another thing I higly seek is the option of being able to transfer money from one account to another one with ease, and not having to fill out a form.
  6. Try CME FX. Good old Globex moves just like cash market and I feel as safe as possible here. Only a couple bucks a trade too.