A good emini day trading strategy

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  1. I am looking for a good emini day trading strategy(possibly with a live trading room also).

    I am not greedy, I am a realist and don't expect to win every trade or get rich in a week but I want a decent time tested strategy that can help keep my losses low and be sonsistently profitable.

    Unfortunately my Google searches turn up a lot of sites and educational sources that upon further investigation end up being scams or outright lies about their performance record.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

    Thank you
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    Those who know how to trade well are seldom going to mess with a trading room for a few hundred a month, they are going to be trading and making 5k plus a day. Those who can't trade well is going to try to make a living charging a few hundred a month. And if it is a market other than ES, lighter traded markets means more slippage for me cause all the other orders to compete against. Thats why one of the many reasons newbies lose at trading, they rely on others to tell them signals.
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    All you need is one good signal or setup applied with good discipline and money management. As time goes by you can build upon these signals via research and studies.

    This being the land of ELITE traders, I'm sure you can find at least one good signal among us :)
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    hey...me too!
  5. Search here on Jack Hershey's Seamless Continuous Trading (SCT). Always in. Six times the daily range. No stops. Never a loss. Double your money every four days. Go ahead and let yourself be greedy. Time-tested for over ten years.
  6. I checked it out but it seems a bit too risky for my tastes but thanks for the suggestion
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    OK, Daring,
    Cough it up: give us just one good signal or set up that works.
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    Not for free, I dont work for free :)

  9. trolololol
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    I know you are being sarcastic but....

    Hershey is one evil person, should be against board conduct to suggest his horror fiction.
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