A good broker that offers CTS T4 Trading Platform?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Ares, Aug 16, 2011.

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    Advantage. Not a customer (yet), but have never heard anything bad about them.
  3. Dorman Trading offers the T4 platform. I've used it since I launched our CTA (approx. 13-months ago). It's genuinely exceeded my expectations in terms of stability, ease of execution and aesthetics.

    Advantage also offers this platform, but I prefer Dorman because they've always treated me like family.

    T4 is solid. Glad more people are using it.

    --Chicago CTA
  4. From other thread CTA:

    What is T4 charging currently? I was paying $500/mo before I moved to OEC and pay $0/mo there for their platform.

    Pricing may have changed, but it was based on amount of trading with a $500/max on it. No charts, data - just the T4 dom. Think I read they have charts now.
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    Crossland, Cunningham, a few others have it available on a cheaper lease per trade basis.

    I have used T4 and like it.
  6. Does CTS Platform allow charting of user defined futures spread ?
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    I talked to someone at CTS about 1-2 months ago and they are offering an autospreader like TT in the future, they currently allow calendar spreading

    Unsure about charting
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  9. http://www.ctsfutures.com/t4_version.aspx

    Looks like some specials, but still can get to $500/mo.

    $500/mo or $0/mo. I'll keep my Open ECry $0/mo.

    Don't get me wrong, T4 was very nice when I used and I imagine it's even better now, but since OEC can do what I need, that's a nice savings every month.
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    Great news. I asked about it one year ago and they had no plan to offer a spreader.:)
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