A good book in spanish??

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  1. Trimanni


    Hi, appreciate if somebody can recomend me a good book in spanish. Technical, Psicology.
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    Senior Tri-mani;
    These technical books , dont know if they are in Spanish;
    but charts are the same in english or Spanish.

    Master Swing Trader, by Alan Farley;
    How to make Money in Stocks by William O Neil

    How to Sell Stocks Short, by William O Neil;
    50 day moving average line is in red
    200 day moving average line is in black:cool:

    Atually English is my first language & for many of us ;
    we cant understand much of Alan Farley's words anyway.

    And to make a long story short, William O Neil uses charts like Andes mountains, long stock buys up the Andes mountains;
    short sell stocks going down the charts resembling Andes mountains.

    Proverbs is good psychology & comes in English- Spanish;
    Bilingual Bible. amazon .com has bilingual bibles for good buys.
    Mine is N.I V. & N.V.I
  3. Cabron, hay que aprender mas Ingles!