A good American stands up to the madness...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. http://www.kvoa.com/news/pima-county-sheriff-speaks-out-against-sb-1070/

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  2. what are the cogent arguments for both sides here?
  3. So it's "madness" to enforce immigration laws? Federal law apparently already requires legal immigrants to have their visas on them at all times. I don't see it as overly burdensome to have to produce them. This is not exactly a new experience for anyone who has traveled overseas.

    This "good American" sheriff also said during the interview he thought it was appropriate to deny public schooling to illegals, and that the schools should require proof of legal status for students. In fact, it was hard to understand what his problem with the new law is, other than his political bosses must have told him to say something negative.
  4. So the way they do things overseas is superior to America?

    The Euro way is the right way?

    I'll remind you of that next time you are trashing the way things are done in other countries...

  5. You've obviously never traveled. Anyone who is living and working in a foreign country knows they have to be able to prove they are legal. For some reason it is considered one step from the Third Reich to expect it here.

    We all know what the objective is. Obama wants to get as many illegals in here as possible and make them citizens in time for the 2012 elections.
  6. op pleease. stop the obvious nonsense and lies. you think like a Machiavelli conservative.
  7. That's the whole point of "comprehensive" immigration reform. to make them citizens. Anyone can see that. Why do you think they never adopted any lesser measures? Like actually securing the border and cracking down on employers?

    The last thing Obama wants to do is slow the flow of illegals here or have the ones here sent home.
  8. "Obama wants to get as many illegals in here as possible and make them citizens in time for the 2012 elections."

    He didn't need them to get in elected in 2008, and he won't need them in 2012...

    Good luck to the GOP getting the minority votes in 2012...they won't get the black vote, and now they are setting themselves up to lose even more Latino votes...

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    Which is exactly why he is taking the opposite side on this one. If you think about it some of the people who get screwed the worst by illegal immigrants are union employees, and low income/low skill workers, but he has buttered their bread enough that they will stick by him no matter what, even if it means them getting screwed by cheap labour.

    Illegal immigrants dont screw most business people, they screw most unskilled labourers, the very people Obama pretends to side with.

    Everyone bags on republicans for never sticking by the working class, yet this is by far one of the best things that can be done for the AMERICAN working class.
  10. "Illegal immigrants dont screw most business people."

    Of course they don't...which the demand for illegals remains consistently high among the business people...

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