A glimpse of what today's conservative really is

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    Pathetic. The enemy, which has no such restraints, is laughing at this. It's also the reason enemies such as ISIS exist - because they're willing to do what it takes to win, however horrid.
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    Sort of like Tea Partiers.
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    Or Liberal Progressives.
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    Billionaire Founder Of Chick-Fil-A Restaurant Chain Dies At 93

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    In church last Sunday, I heard a sweet elderly lady in the pew next to me saying a prayer.

    It was so innocent and sincere that I just had to share it with you:

    " Dear Lord: The last year has been very tough.
    You have taken my favorite actor - James Garner; my favorite actress -Lauren Bacall; my favorite Comedian - Robin Williams, and finally, my favorite author -Tom Clancy.

    I just wanted you to know that my favorite politicians are – Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

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    Rick Perry might go away for a long, long time: What even the liberal media isn’t reporting about his indictment

    At least in 2012, Rick Perry realized he’d forgotten the name of the federal department he wanted to abolish. But when it comes to the charges he’s just been indicted for, he’s certain of what they are. “Bribery,” he said in New Hampshire recently — but he’s wrong. It’s not exactly a strong position to start from if you’re going to loudly proclaim your innocence. At least he’s got one thing right: “I don’t really understand the details,” he added.

    In that, Perry is far from alone. Few, if any, of his high-profile defenders, either left or right, seem to understand much more than he does. Still, you don’t have to be a lawyer to at least have some idea of what’s being charged. The indictment is online for anyone to read, and it’s not that hard to understand — one count for abuse of official capacity, the other for coercion of a public official. Yet few in the national media seem to have figured that out.

    Glenn W. Smith is director of the Progress Texas PAC, so he knows a thing or two about the Lone Star state. He was also part of George Lakoff’s Rockridge Institute, so he’s got a broader intellectual perspective as well — just the combination one would want for a perspective on what’s going on here.

    “It was very clear to me that some of the pundits-at-a-distance based their initial opinions on two false assumptions,” Smith said, via email, “1) That the Perry indictments were the product of a nest of angry but unsophisticated Austin liberals; 2) That it was a governor’s constitutional power of the veto that was being challenged.”

    There are other major points of misinformation, as we’ll soon see, but these two do seem to be most central. Smith continued:

    Now, here is how a journalist’s mind should work (think of a police reporter or any reporter engaged by necessity with daily human messiness). In this instance, faced with the facts that not one but two Republican judges failed to dismiss the criminal complaint against Perry and that an accomplished, conservative special prosecutor had overseen the grand jury indictment, a street-level reporter would think, “There must be more to the game that’s afoot than the Perry narrative wants me to believe.” more . . .
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  10. I think the Perry indictment is pretty clear to anyone with any legal and political knowledge. It's payback for cutting the prosecutor's office budget. He demanded that the DA resign after she disgraced her office. He couldn't force her to do the right thing but he didn't have to give more funds to an office run by a drunk.

    Somehow that becomes felony charges. It's understandable only when one realizes this is the same DA's office that also brought high profile cases against the two of the most prominent Texas republicans, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Rep. Tom DeLay. Both prosecutions failed, but DeLay had his career ruined and was sent to jail. Mission accomplished for these dirtbag prosecutors.
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