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    A Michigan man was on his way to pick up his two young children from school when he was shot dead in what police believe was a road-rage attack.

    Derek Flemming, 43, and his wife Amy Flemming had just had lunch together and were driving along Grand River Ave in Genoa Township to pick up their children after the first day back at school Tuesday when they encountered Martin Edward Zale, 69, in his 2012 Dodge pickup.

    Minutes later, Derek Flemming was shot in the head by Zale, police say.

    A representative for the Flemming family, attorney William Moore, says Zale was 'screaming down a side street' so fast that Amy Flemming believed he was going to hit their 2014 Ford Escape.

    He told the the Detroit Free Press that Zale then tailgated the couple, then as they tried to pull to the right to let him pass, he passed them in the right lane, forcing them to jerk back into the left. Amy Flemming told Moore that Zale then pulled in front of the couple and slammed on his brakes.

    When both cars pulled up at a set of traffic lights on Grand River at Chilson, Derek Flemming got out of his vehicle and approached Zale's window.

    'What's your problem?' multiple witnesses report Flemming asked Zale.

    A loud argument ensued, witnesses told WXYZ, but it doesn't appear there was any physical contact between the men.

    Zale then wound down his window and shot Flemming once in the head.

    'His wife was forced to witness this act from the front seat of her car,' Moore said in a statement on behalf of the family.

    'This man shot an unarmed man in broad daylight with multiple witnesses, including Ms. Flemming. He needs to be removed from our community and locked behind bars.'

    Witness Jenna St Clair told WXYZ that Amy Flemming was on the ground next to her stricken husband, begging him to live.

    'She said, "You've got to stay! You've got to stay alive. Stay alive for your kids. We need you, we need you!"' said St. Clair.

    Alleged killer Zale reportedly stood calmly by his car waiting for police to arrive after the shooting.

    Calls to 911 came thick and fast from people who had witnessed the altercation, which happened around 3:35pm.

    One 911 caller said she 'heard a large pop and somebody screaming.'

    'Mrs. Flemming is overcome with many emotions, but primarily shock and extreme grief. In addition, her young children are asking where their father is,' the statement from Moore says.

    WXYZ reports that neither man had any criminal record.

    Flemming owned his own small landscaping business.

    It's unclear if Zale had a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

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    LOL!, LEApup, you obviously got to him - he's mimicking your thread titles now!

    Of course, nothing in this article had anything to do with conservatives, but why let the truth get in the way of a good dbtrolling!
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    A tip of the hat to Newton Minow.

    Has as much to do with conservatives as the "liberal" thread has to do with liberals.
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    Oh look, an Obama supporter. Getting his latest portrait uh mug shot taken.

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    WASHINGTON (AP) — Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney says there is no question in his mind that he would have been more effective in the White House than President Barack Obama. But he reiterates he has no plans to run again.

    My time has come and gone, Romney told Fox News Sunday.

    Romney cited continuing high U.S. unemployment and growing troubles abroad, and that some of those who voted for Obama might now have some buyer's remorse.

    Yet he said he didn't want to dwell on the past, while admitting he had made mistakes in his campaign — and that the Obama campaign did a good job on picking up on them.

    Romney said, "I'm not running and not planning on running."


    Two conclusions may be drawn from this:

    1. Mittens has apparently never heard the term "sour grapes".

    2. Class and money do not necessarily go together.
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