A giant, crashing sound, this way will come...

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  1. We will see a market crash this month, with a 10% or greater down day on all indexes, stimulus bill or not, irregardless of how bad, dreadful, or horrid the employment numbers are.

    In the game of life, confidence is everything, and the last grain of confidence is about to slip down the rabbit hole.

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  2. "Stay SHORT, and Stay OFTEN!!!" :D
  3. By the way, if you believe that stock_trd3r attempted to sexually experiment with pet hamsters, rabbits, iguanas or goldfish at some point in his life, please mark this thread 5 stars.

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  5. You're an idiot. It's clowns like you that send retail investors running for the hills at any hint of bad news.
  6. Hi, Mr. Pollyanna.

    Meet Mr. Reality.

  7. enough said.
  8. its going to happen. the US doesnt have a plan for this situation
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    interesting choice of images given that you were the one that pulled 10% out of your ass in the OP. why not 9%? 11.2%? i guess you've just got it dialed in- using the brain matter not dedicated to starting 15 threads per day on ET. how much does Baron pay you? is it by the post, or the word?

    oh... and no, i have no opinion as to whether the market will go up or down over the next 30 days, so don't call me polly...

    btw, irregardless isn't a word- not without regard =
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    Shhhhh! real investors rely on those clowns spooking the sheeple in order to snap up bargains..........
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