A Future of Stock Trading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Machal, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. Machal


    I heard from different sources that volatility of stock markets is still pretty high, if you compare it with average rate from history of stock market.
    So, it means, that volatility of stock market have to decrease in a future.
    For me it means, that decreasing of volatility = less opportunities for trading.

    So, I am asking, how can I handle it?

    My way of thinking is very simple:
    A lot of things have changed.
    But it is still possible to make money in a markets.
    So I need strong education and then practice.

    I believe in power of concentration, so I want to trade one market, one instrument and become professional there.

    So, I am asking myself: "Isn't it too risky to concentrate my effort towards the stocks or index futures market and than have to change it in a future?

    It really scares me...

    Maybe I am wrong, but maybe I am not...

    So, what is my conclusion?

    I am looking for market or instrument for trading with these conditions:
    Work well with TA.
    Minimal spread.
    Sufficient liquidity.
    Sufficient constant volatility.
    Cheap commissions.

    Does exist something like this? What do you trade and what is you experiences?

    Thank you for your time and have a nice Sunday. :)
  2. One of several instruments you are looking for is probably the e-minis. They have most if not all the characteristics that you are looking for in an instrument to trade.
  3. Interesting use of the subjunctive mood!

    If you are looking to play around with complicated technical indicators, I too would suggest the eminis, particularly ES.
  4. TGregg


    I've also noticed that the DJIA has been increasing steadly for a long time. So, that means it will greatly decrease in the future (like down to a couple hundred) :D
  5. Machal


    I am beginer looking for answers.
    And I think you found out, that I am not native speaker.

    I want to learn.
    If you want to learn, you have to ask questions.
    After you start to ask, then you can learn many useful things...or...look like stupid.

    Thanks TGregg second scenario happened.

    Of course, it is much easier to reply like "blah, blah, blah, how funny I am", than explain, why am I wrong, or give useful recomendation.

    But sad is, that you are wasting time...
    Main, yours :), other members, who (if they are interested about topic) have to go through your useless nattering.

    Dont understand it wrong, I am not conflict person I just started this thread, because
    I "want to learn many useful things"

    Have a nice Sunday. :)
  6. ptt


    Machal, welcome to ET. You have to learn to ignore the negative posters on ET, they are just part of the culture here. If you respond to them they will take over your thread.

    Also look at QQQ, SPY, DIA when starting out. They essentially trade the same as NQ, ES, and YM, but without the leverage. Many people try to trade the mini futures because they do not have $25,000 for the PDT rule, and probably most of them blow out there account, or quit after large losses.

    Use the search function on this board to research topics you are interested in. There is lots of good info on this site, but there is also lots of garbage. You have to put in your time and sort through a lot.

    Good Luck