A fun thread -- spect8or posts while stoned

Discussion in 'Politics' started by spect8or, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. Well, what can I say as an introduction that the thread title doesn't already tell you? Spect8or's quite nicely stoned at the moment.

    So what is he doing posting on ET?

    Getting stoned made him think of that little blowhard wanker hapaboy, and his mystifying (at the time) accusation of my posting "moonbat" historical theses because there was some "gooood shit" down here in Australia (that I was,k supposedly, smoking). (Why did the little blowhard make such a stupid accustation? Well, because he's simply a little blowhard who takes everything his heroes at Frontage and the Weekly Standard tell him as gospel, and remains stubbornly defiant of the most obvious evidence that renders some of his political views idiotic or half-baked -- in other words because he's such an idiot that to make any attempt at an actual rational rebuttal would have exposed the true extent of his idiocy.)

    Nevertheless, as fate had it, the little blowhard was only out by a week. For the first fucking time in over seven years, I am nicely freaking ripped (as we say here, I don't know what u Americans say. If you're hapaboy, you just say "hang 'em!". [I digress: for the previous, hapaboy was referred to as "hapahitler" by some. That is a rank insult to Adolf Hitler, to have such a thoroughbread idiot as hapaboy compared to you.]

    ANyway, enough about hapaboy. [I digress again: don't get a big head hapster... I'm not so obsessed with you that I think of you when stoned... it's just that by way of explaining how I came to post at ET tonight, I had to refer to you... and if you know anything about being stoned--which you don't, because besides being an idiot, you're also a square--you would know that when you're stoned, whatever you focus your attention on has a tendency to "expand" in your mind (it's sometimes quite "insightful", depending on what u think about), and then you'd know that simply by mentioning your name, further thoughts about you came flooding in, and the hands duely typed them.]

    Yes, seven years ago I was certain that I'd never smoke weed again. Yet here I am. And it's pretty good.

    Man, listen to this. I "picked up" this 16 year old the other day. Well, not fully, not yet. But she ran to catch up with me after I left the group where I met her, and she invited herself into my car to go for a drive. Lol, she is super hot. I can't believe this, this is awesome. I am 30 fucking years old. But I always looked young, as good looking people tend to -- and I was very good looking in my younger days and I still retain most of my looks. Yes, yes, still retain them, almost as good as when I was 21. Lol, that's awesome. Seriously. 30 years old and I have hot blond 16 year old after me -- and as a rule, I don't even like blonds, so you know she's something special. This is one of the best feelings I've ever felt! Of course, she doesn't KNOW I'm 30. I was gonna say 24, but then on the phone she asked me how old I was and I said guess. She said hesitatingly -- note to myself, there's gotta be a better synonym for what I am thinking; "hesitantingly" doesn' quite describe it -- that she didn't want to guess (in a 'for fearing of getting answer' kind of way -- that's the adjective I'm looking for, something that describes this) [I digress: anyone with weed experience reading this will be ABSOLUTELY SURE that I am stoned while writing this -- you're laughing hard and nodding your head right now, aren't you?] ...BACK TO THE STORY...she didn't wanna guess. But she did anyway, and squeaked out in tiny voice, pitching up at the end, "....21?", in a tone that suggested this was the absolute lowest she could pretend to hope for and herself actually believe. That momentarily threw me, as I had been planning on saying 24. But I quickly gathered myself and answered "Close...22".

    Then she squeaked out -- damn I should have started another paragraph earlier -- "do you know how old I am?". [I digress, what is it with younger people? They're 18, you're 24, they think it's the most monumental age difference. Whereas to you, it's hardly anything.] I said -- in a bit too hurried voice, which a more perceptive person might have noted betrayed my foreknowledge of her age; but get real...I didn't quite pick this chick for her perceptiveness -- "I don't know, at least 20. 21 maybe?" She answers, "I'm turning seventeen in April, I'm sixteen!" I just said, "wow, you sure don't look it. But don't worry about your age, you look more mature...and you look hot". [See how well I handled that? I'm telling her to not to worry -- like she has to qualify herself to me, not the other way around. And then to top it off, a compliment that every girl loves to hear despite her angry reaction if you just drop it in on her out of the blue -- -- "you're hot" (or any of its more adult sounding equivalents).

    Rest is history (in the making).

    It's fun being stoned and thinking about the above stuff. Weed is SO much better than alcohol it's not funny. And yeah, yeah, if Rearden is reading this, there's way better stuff than weed, we know. But weed is such a harmles thing that it's quite possible we'll see it become as socially acceptable as alcohol, which is why it makes more sense to compare the two. And weed kicks ass over alcohol. Let's count the ways. First and foremost thing that shits me about alcohol -- man, typing is getting harder, this is just getting better and better -- is the violence you encounter when people who have consumed large amounts of it congregate in densely packed confines. Drunk people are just such complete fucking idiots it defies description. I have NEVER seen stoned people act so wantonly violently or obnoxiously. Not even close.
  2. [New post, because I wasn't sure how much it would let me squeeze into one post, and I didn't want to be bothered with all the hassles of being told my post was too long and then having to go back and edit and bla bla.]

    On with the comparison. Drunks are violent and, all too often, bores to be around. A crowd of stoners is NOTHING like that. And not just because they have retiring personalities -- I hope that's the right adjective there; it SOUNDS right, but normally I'd look it up.. which I'm not doing now for obvious (to all, except hapaboy) reasons. Get a pack of the rowdiest football fans and get 'em stoned and watch 'em turn into kittens.

    Anyway, enough about that. Man, that 16 year old. I hope she doesn't get cold feet. She was pretty crazy about me, but uhh, I dunno... maybe I'm just paranoid (again, for obvious -- except to hap -- reasons). Doesn't matter, though, because AT LEAST for a brief moment of time, she felt crazy attraction to me -- I have the proof in text msgs -- regardless of whatever she might come to reconsider. But snap out of it, idiot. There's NO fucking reason to think this won't end with me boning her. This is your stoned brain screwing with you.

    But stil, even if I don't nab her, life has been so kind as to throw another hot babe my way, in the form of simply THE greatest butt I have ever laid my eyes on. (I mean, in real life. Not internet or tv.) Check out the butt on the chick at the vids on www.supertangas.com ("Keyra" and "Ele" -- it's actually the same chick in the vids). This girl I am talking about is only a smidgeon off that quality. Simply sen-fucking -sensational butt. Out of this world. And I picked her up. Fuck that was a good one. I'll have to share the story some time. Right now I'm just reflecting on the pleasure of having her.

    Life isn't always this good, so it's good to enjoy it while it lasts.

    Anyway, that will do from me.

    Those who "know" me on here, I suspect will have a bit of a laugh at my expense. Have at it, who cares. Anytime you guys try to answer any substantive argument I make, especially regarding...I won't say it, the "r word'...we can see who the reasonable, logical party is, and who the frothing morons and intellectual cowards (cough, cough, AAA, cough) are. (I wonder how this will read when I "sober" up -- is that the right word for when you're stoned?)
  3. Actually, I couldn't care less about this thread.

    I don't even feel like reading replies to it now. I'm over it. (Just in case anyone replies to it and wonders why I don't reply back.)
  4. Having a laugh, but definitely not at your expense, Dan. That was pretty entertaining, and yes, I know exactly what it's like to be in that free-associating headspace. Your post was a written version of my last trip. I don't smoke anymore but I may have done, maybe once or twice, when we were out on the road. :) I remember our Aussie roadie introducing me to the mull bowl.

    A young woman like your 16 year-old, made for it and ready to go... life comes down to things like the memory of her naked body, which I hope you get to see.

    btw... this may not mean much to you, but haps's take on drugs is what initially got he and I debating, and we had a juicy few days of back and forth about it. But hap is a good guy, Dan. Our politics aren't exactly identical ( sort of like you and I) but I know for a fact that he is a reasonable guy.
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    crazy funny fellow ... do well ...
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    you are writing well, btw ... just when you are stoned??