A fun bit about Super Bowl ads...

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    It is brief, 4 minutes or so. Feel-good story.

  2. Ehhhh,
    I've never been sold, or manipulated, by propaganda, advertising and marketing messages.

    I never rushed out or bought Nike Jordan sneakers.
    I never rushed out or bought McDonalds.
    I never rushed out or opened an ETrade account.
    I never rushed out or bought a Starbucks coffee.
    I never rushed out or bought Geico insurance.
    I never rushed out or bought Apple products.

    Modern commercials are all about Apps. And I have never rushed out or used any of those apps related to food deliveries, car rides, liquor deliveries, real estate home apps, car buying apps, education apps, credit card/finance apps,

    I've always hated the mass, sheep, people who get consumed by such nonsense and bs.
    Monkey see, monkey do. Zombie minds, unoriginal, not independent, easily swayed and sold.
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    You completely missed the point of the article. It was about how the 1984 Apple commercial changed the face of advertising during the SuperBowl. It had nothing to do with apps.

    You do realize that smartphones did not exist in 1984? Or are you too young to realize that there was a world before your existence?

    Do you even have a soul?


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  4. Advertising, or as I like to refer to it...as...Propaganda...., has existed way before 1984.
    Apple didn't change, or revolutionize, the face of advertising/Propaganda.

    Coca Cola, Marlboro cigarettes, Titanic, WW2, WW1, The Civil war, The Revolutionary war, The British empire, The Banking empires, Medieval times, The Catholic Church system, Jesus, Alexander the Great/Roman empire, The Greek empire, The Ancient Egyptians, and everything else in between, etc. etc. etc.
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    Jeez, lighten up, Francis. I was just talking about how that one commercial during the Super Bowl changed advertising in this century. Yer taking the reading audience into a time warp back to the past, millennia ago.
  6. I've always been DEEP. The human condition, and its motives, are ever-lasting and Universal.
    Regardless by whom it is said, and from what angle, perspective and era.

    Traders, and people, are essentially...the same....from 2021, to 1998, to 1996, to 1987, to 1922, to 1811, to 1655, to 1211, to 977, to 33, to 2, to 339BC, to 30,000BC
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    I just happened to be listening to a song that analogizes that idea as I read your post.

    Fancy that.