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Discussion in 'Economics' started by stock777, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Interesting - thanks for the post.

    Just a great illustration of what a 'worthless' currency looks like.
  2. Aaarrrgh.... That's why I hold my savings in gold and rum...
  3. They should all just get credit cards like us :)
  4. Those look easy to counterfeit, even though they're nearly worthless.
  5. bidask


    you think a degree isn't important? this is what happens when you let someone without a degree run a country. :)
  6. There was an article that said that the paper was worth more than the money that was printed. The German's who made the paper refused to sell the Zimbabway government any more because they were defiling their good paper with ink that dropped the value of the paper..
  7. That is freakin' hilarious ! :D
    The people over there must have a helluva sense of humor since most of them in the photos were smiling. Made me laugh out loud too !

    Why on earth would anyone with a brain actuallly 'spend' that currency???

    Why not just go over there, change a $1 note into a few hundred billion of thier notes, in as much change as possible,

    then got back to your own contry and just sell it as ''paper''.

    that amount of paper being recycled and reproccessed would be worth a few dozen quid atleast!! :D

    best investment you could every make in your life as you make few thousand % profit
  9. They are actually making alot of money selling those banknotes on ebay! 500 million goes for about 5 to 10 bucks!
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