A free cuba--Will real estate in Key West benefit or lose?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by gimp570, Feb 25, 2008.

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    Nevertheless, Key Westers are debating the impacts of a future non-embargoed Cuba to Key West.

    would this be good for key west/florida keys real estate for bad??

    I know that real estate in the keys is not doing well right now...how would this change things????

    Anyone have any insight about florida key real estate??
  2. Unchanged. There will be an equal number of people leaving Cuba for Florida and vice versa. We'll see.
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    i disagree...not about the real estate prices. the amount of cubans waiting on the sidelines is rumored to be 1.2 million...i doubt that a fraction of that crosses over to cuba...Not one older person, and those are the ones who are more probable of going back to their mother land, have told me they would return. they have 50 years of life here more than they had in cuba why would they just pack up and leave their loved ones....on the contrary they would tell their people to come here where they are better off for now...peace
  4. Just my luck........a guy with the user name "ElCubano" replies to the thread. You're probably better qualified to know what's likely to happen.
  5. A free Cuba?

    Didn't knew Fidel Castro AND his brother have died...
  6. What do you think would happen if over 1,000,000 mostly poor immigrants suddenly flooded into south florida?

    The Mariel boatlifts were only estimated to be 120,000 people. You could easily see 10 times that many.
  7. You do know that Fidel resigned right? But yeah, the brother is taking over.

    I do agree though, I don't see the "free" in Cuba anywhere, anytime. However, IF it ever did become "free" I don't think Fla real estate will jump from it. Tour and travel most definatly but I don't see how John Q public would get rich off it.
  8. The question should be what will happen to the price of RE in Cuba?!
    I'd love to buy some there right now... :)

  9. They will be shipped to Atlanta, New York andn Chicago, places in desparate need of Cubans
  10. There you go!!! :) I would like to see ya try though... hehehehe
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