A Forum For Low-Priced Stocks

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Slim Harpo, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. Suggest add another forum for those interested in OTC bulletin Board stocks, penny stock, pink sheets or whatever else they go by...

    By having a forum for these, those members here interested in those stocks can exchange ideas and those same members will be able to smoke out the pumpers who register here just to post to pump...

    If there are members here interested in a forum for these stocks, please post your support or non-support for those of you who don't wish to see a forum for them..

    I personally feel since this is all about TRADING, why not? and it will keep the pumpers and spammers for these stocks out of the TRADING forum as well as other forums here...And more importantly, it will provide a forum here for those members that are interested in these stocks..
  2. Good idea, generally- near as i can tell the more specific the categories the better, the range of tradeable instruments is growing all the time, and it appears any gained expertise might be best applied in informed discussion, rather than attempting to point out xyz poster has an ulterior motive with regard to their post with "xyz!!!!!!!!!" in it. Hope you know what i mean....... i find it hard to imagine it could be worth their while, overall.