(A form of) Prostitution coming online

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  1. Keeping Up With Being Kept

    Gotta love the line, “the best fishing hole I ever fished in.” LMAO, priceless!

    The Frenchy looking for $5k a month may be a bargain if it resembles the frenchies I knew in SoFla, something like:

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    The american girls are gonna have to hit the gym more often if the Frenchies invade.
  2. She has a bigger forehead than Dick Cheney.
  3. Having spent some time in France, I can honestly say that there are literally no obese or even chunky French Women; at least, I never saw any.

    French Women are so much more concerned with their appearance and the way they carry themselves than their American counterparts.
  4. Good ball support.
  5. Prostitution should be legalized

    Everyone is doing it anyway but this way it can be controlled without drugs and mob and can be taxed as well.
  6. Here are some stats to back that up.

  7. damn, with all that going on you're focused on her forehead? gay?
  8. there are many places where women tend to be much thinner than american women. here in the states, a 5'3" 110 lbs woman is considered thin and would need to gain weight to become average. in japan, for instance, that woman is considered 5-10 lbs overweight and would have trouble finding clothes to fit her.
  9. achilles28


    Prostitution is the worlds oldest profession.

    Whatever two consenting adults do, is their own business. Money for sex? Drugs? Gambling? Legalize it all. Its still common place regardless.

    Legal vices just means the Government gets the fuck out of our lives.

    Which is why all these vices are hyped to begin with - so the Government can snoop and pry where it shouldn't in the name of defending the "Greater Good".

    Its all bullshit. Just think of prohibition!! :D
  10. Then you are blind, my friend. Or have exceptionally bad eyesight.
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