A Fool-proof Google-based Sentiment Indicator? Wtf

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  1. found this on one of my many deep sea internet trawls, i don't even know what to say. this in an indicator to remember for future market crashes!

    it uses google to predict market tops and bottoms

  2. here's another silly chart showing the oil bubble topping and google searches predicting it about a month b4


    finding all this distressing and hard to believe. but perhaps thats because i didn't think of it first...
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    I tried "porn," it is in a bull phase! Moral to the story-people turn to porn when the market goes down:)
  4. I would have thought the google searches would have occurred a month later than they did. This is almost unbelievable....
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    It was causative (searches happened during/after crashes not before), not predictive. [yawn]

    2007 Febr 27th peak, but the crash was 2-3 days before that. Same shit this January, peak is on 22nd, but we were dropping before that. Oct 10th the same.

    Article writer should learn to read a chart....
  6. I agree with you. Not predictive. The center for disease control is using google to track flu outbreaks based on searches for flu. No one is going to google "ingrown toenail" before they have one.
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  9. I got the same results for "Obama jokes".
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