A Fitting End to The Bush Years

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OneLeggedJane, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Year one: 9/11

    Years 2-7: Two wars, massive deficit spending, alienation of allies, collapse of the dollar, evisceration of the 4th amendment.

    Year 8: A stock market crash, severe recession, oil at $90, unemployment well over 6%, financial system in ruins.

    Republican response. "You betcha Obama's pallin around with terrorists!
  2. The Democrat response: Jimmy Carter II who pals around with terrorists and racists.
  3. Carter>"W" "W" will go down as by far the worst president in US history.
  4. Do you shop at Publix, or bag groceries at Publix? The OP said the Republican response to a failed Bush presidency was "You betcha Obama's pallin around with terrorists!" And I replied with "The Democrat response: Jimmy Carter II who pals around with terrorists and racists."

    I wasn't comparing Bush & Carter. It sounds like you want Jimmy Carter II.
  5. Republicans are smart. First, they shorted the market and then brought down the towers. (They were actually already short long before that). Then, they covered and bought everything they could (oil futures, ect) and started the war so oil would go up. Way up. Who do you think sold at the top? Obama? No, the Pubs. Now, right before they plan on getting out from under this big rip off, they have gotten their money from running up oil, ect and they are rich. And they let Obama be the next President so they can blame all this mess on him during the next 4 years and then take the next 4 years in the White House after Obama bombs out terribly. Damn those Pubs are smart aren't they? They have literally ripped the poor Democrats a new asshole.