A Fiscal Crisis and the UK Suffers The Mother of All Bank Runs

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    By the time it is in the Daily Hatred the move has already happened. Daily Hatred readers are still long real estate as it is property porn mag.
  3. Would finally make the pompous asses in London consider joining the Euro :cool:
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    The "people who matter", according to Barroso, might want to join the Euro but it would never pass on a referundum and if they imposed it there would be rioting in the streets.
  6. "What I got, you gotta get it, put it in you........
    Give it away, give it away, give it away now".

    Sovereignty...so outdated amongst the globally "enlightened".

  7. But please not before GBP/USD parity...:D
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    now is the time to read TWILIGHT OF SOVEREIGNTY by Walter Wriston former ceo of citibank
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    lets not forget, a large part of the reason for weakness in any non USD currency is liquidation of USD shorts.
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    liquidation of $US shorts. does they mean they were shot in front of a firing squad?
    if something goes down it is the shorts. if something goes up it is the shorts.
    the only group to have such power according to the cognoscenti on ET are the Jews. therefore the shorts must be jews.
    this should appeal to appeal to conspiritualists who troll on ET
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