A firm stock market=NO RATE CUT

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  1. They won't cut rates, the market is rising.
  2. Agree, not only is the market rebounding in full force but looks all the subprime,lending, liquidity housing panic is over

    no big headlines in almsot a week
  3. if they don't cut the market will be 300 points red at the end of the day

    if they cut 0.5 the market will be 13500 by the end of day and 12500 by the end of week

    if they cut to 0 (zero) the market will be 13500 and 10000 by the end of week
    loaf of bread will be $25 by that time
  4. The market is rising away, soon the rate cut morons will shut their mouths.

    Them futures work like magic.
  5. There really is no risk. Let the re-levering begin!
  6. Yup looks like we're due for another huge day tomorrow

    Shorts get maybe one week of solid selling but then p00f trend reverses .

    The vix will trend back below 20 in a hurry
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    There will be NO RATE CUT IN 2007.
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    The bulls wont be crying for a rate cut now that the market looks like its headed back to 14k, it was when it looked like it was going to 12k that they cried and cried about a rate cut....only catalyst the bulls have left is a rate cut.
  9. But there will be a rate rise in Japan and England by next month.
  10. The market has a remarkable ability to fix itself without the fed intervening too much. Fed already stepped in last week on several occasions.
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