A few questions on TOS

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dandxg, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. I did my searches and haven't found answers so I am asking for help.

    1. With TOS demo do you get real time data or is it delayed.

    2. Are there any restrictions on their demo? I want to test a few studies already written for TOS and don't want to fund right away.

    3. Do you get to listen to their squawk box. I interested in hearing Peter Renizcek as I am integrating more market internals in my trading.


  2. Why don't you just sign up for the damn thing and try it. You could have saved yourself a post.

    Do you ask everyone if it's ok to piss too?
  3. WTF were you long Friday? And yes idiot I was planning on calling them tomorrow. I was just hoping that since I have helped some on this forum I could get an intelligent response. I won't ask before I piss on you.
  4. Come on people, this site is for Anyone Who needs help .
  5. wutang


    I believe that the quotes are delayed if you don't have a funded account with them.
  6. Thanks. It take time to learn a new software/platform so I ask before wasting time. If that's the case I will fund or not bother.