A few more hours till ROFLMAO week!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by The Kin2, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. It's only a few more hours until Asia starts trading and kicks off what will be one of the most hilarious trading weeks. Ever. The comedy will climax on Wednesday with the Fed rate announcement.

    I expect a major selloff in the dollar and decent increases in crude to kick off the festivities. Who knows what excitement will come next.
  2. And what makes you state this????
  3. And what makes you state this????
  4. Because the Fed might cut .50 instead of 25 basis points. A lot of people are beginning to ask what if and trade accordingly.

    What we really need is a hike, or at the very least hold rates steady and go no lower than here.
  5. I agree with the tread starter, this week should be interesting.
  6. True... tragic events tend to hold our interest.
  7. I think the fed might hold instead of cut 25bp ... To each his own. The dollar trashing is starting to get too stylish. We aren't Argentina, guys.
  8. The FED has more data and the best people crunching numbers that money can buy.

    So thinking you know how FED policy should be enacted is a little presumptuous.

    The market itself is forecasting FED policy in terms of bond rates, bond rates are at close to all time lows, which implies confidence in FED policy.
  9. No, but it would be dangerous to ignore the events that have led to its decline.
  10. agreed.
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