A few health tips for traders...

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  1. I am not a doctor and have no formal medical education so take the following for what its worth.

    - The average person walks about 3 miles per day. Most jobs require some walking and getting up. So if you are not walking at least 3 miles per day then you are getting less exercise then the average person. Before the trading day starts, always walk/jog/run at least 3 miles and then when it ends go for another 1-2 miles. Throw in some pushups, situps, knee bends, jumping jacks, and wall sits and you have a more comprehensive workout.

    - You should drink 13 cups of water per day per the Institute of Medicine. Start out the day drinking 2 16 oz "red cups" of water just as you get up. Then drink 1 16 oz cup at lunch and dinner. Everytime you urinate, down another 16 oz cup and then one right before bed. Keep a big gallon jug at your desk with the red cup.


    - Never "hold it". Go to the bathroom when your body says it wants to go. Drinking so much water will probably make you head for the toilet over 3 times a day, but this isnt a bad thing. You are helping your body get rid of waste by going frequently and keep chemical balances.

    - Have at least 2 cups of coffee per day. Lots of literature on the health effects of coffee.

    - Avoid eating out. Anything thats sold at a restaurant is going to be bad for you.

    - Avoid sodium and sugar heavy foods. Soda is out. 1 slice of pizza contains over 50% of your sodium needs for the day. Watch those labels carefully when you go shopping.

    - When you finally eat, go with small meals and only eat until your hunger is satisfied. Never fill yourself up.

    - Keep your weight in check. These tables will seem impossible for some, but if you get your weight down to whats in these tables then you have won half the battle.


    - Never think negatively. Do not get mad. Always think of the positive even if its a bad situation. Getting mad only raises blood pressure and causes you to gain weight (and lose hair). Steer towards the bright side...

    - Always crack open a window when sitting in a room. Radon still exists everywhere. You never know whats in the air you breath inside these buildings.

    - Always go for the harder option. Do not take the elevator, but the stairs. Do not ever let yourself sit for long periods of time. Stand up, do exercises in place like twists. Just sitting there doing nothing is bad.

    - Only drink a maximum of 2 drinks in any setting.

    - You are overweight if when you look down you cant see your dick...if you have a double chin in a picture taken of you...if you can pinch something on your belly. You shouldnt be able to grab onto anything when you touch your belly.

    - Exercises that can easily be done at a desk- Pushups, twists, situps, jumping up and down etc. You look weird at first, but people get used to it after a while...
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    I'm 5'5" and 120 lbs, which I always thought was a decent weight, but when I look down I absolutely cannot see my dick :confused: :confused: :confused:

  4. I get up around 5:30am to 6:30am, then sit before the computer until 7:50AM~8:20am
    then eat some breakfast and prepare breakfast for my kids, send them to daycare/school, about 80% time I could not trade 8:30am news, back to trade around 8:50am
    drink a cup of water, take a deep breathe: omg, again a new day!
    around 11:00am~11:20am, I will be off for the morning session.
    prepare lunch for myself, my wife (when she works at home), my schoolers (summer time, headache to me) until 12:30Am~12:50AM, try to position myself into the late afternoon drop/rally until 2:30pm, normally I will be off there since I did not trade YM/NQ/ES much, I like to trade NG/CL. then I will do some exercise in my basement, about 1hrs of running/jumping, around 3:30pm, I take a quick bathe, then start to prepare meal for the whole family, plus pick kids in daycare and after the meal, occasionally (most time my wife will do that)send my kids to some music program, swimming etc.

    then back to the computer at 6:00pm, maybe do some trading there, do some preparing for next day trading, until 9:00pm off, 9:30~10:00pm, climb to the bed.

    trading most time is boring, so will brag a little and write some blotters in this site when I am trading. I try to get rid of this bad habit. hope one day I can find other more productive things to replace this bad habit.

  5. 12) Bang as many Thai hooker "girlfriends" as possible. Right, RDT?
  6. Actually a lot of good points re: staying active.
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    - You should drink 13 cups of water per day

    This is baloney. You can flush out lots of vitamins by overhydrating yourself...

    There is a thing called thirst... Drink when you are thirsty...
  8. I have made my thoughts and opinions in this forum known in regards to hookers and prostitutes. I think it should be legalized in the United States. In fact, I think the US is one of the few places where its not legalized and our tax dollars wasted by the enforcement of such things.

    I have a problem going on a "date" paying all this money to go out to dinner for nothing...I also have a problem with the system where women in the US actively seek guys with money to marry and freeload off of. However, I have no problem handing some money to the woman of my choice for some good non-wholesome fun. I would say not only to bang as many Thai hookers as possible, but there is quite a few more in Brazil too that I would also bang. I would bang as many as I can and I wouldnt even give it a second thought.

    You have to ask yourself a question. Do you want your tax dollars spent on the enforcement of various "vice" laws catching some 50+ year old man in the act at a roach motel or do you want it going to educate the children?
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    That post even made me blush! LOL!!!!!! I'm not a doctor either, but I would recommend you see one IF you actually start to see a "guy part" when you look down. Lol!!!!:D

    Btw, this is a good thread by the OP. I always think better during the day after a 6:00am 5 mile run. I drink 10-12 32oz glasses of ICE COLD water every day. Lack of water= lack of brainpower.

    Last, I'm still blushing NoDoji! LOL!!!:D
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    Definitely a good thread and good recommendations by the OP. I tracked my trading performance on days after I missed a workout or a a good run and they are always lower performance days.
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