A dump to give me an edge...

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by hcour, Oct 30, 2006.

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    Hey guys, I'm thinking of taking a dump first thing in the morning (one dump only) to get ready for the opening hour. I find after a good dump I'm at my optimal, but I've never actually applied it to trading. I think it may help me lose that bloated, logy feeling and give me focus. I'm talking one good, traditional, all-American dump, a healthy consolidated bowel movement to clear my system and my mind, not several small movements throughout the day like those new-age weirdo commies recommend.

    Thoughts/comments/fiber recommendations?

    PS - Just for reference, I normally have my movement right after lunch, during the mid-day doldrums, while I read the Wall St. Journal, but I'd really like to do it earlier, like the great traders. I just need more roughage?

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    Ya know, I always have to take my dump right after the open. I must say, I'm quite the sprint shitter.
  3. I dump around 0630(C) and it definately clears my head. Which is good because after a night full of "futures" dreams my head is so full of sh!t it would be hard to trade when "full".

    A night after mexican food and tequila is usually the most explosive and cleansing. I'll have to check my journal, but I have a hunch those may be my best "aired out" tradining days. Good thread!!
  4. I think your dumping right now.
  5. Eat fruit like cantaloupe, pears, peaches, grapes for breakfast. Works every time.:D
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    Doesn't hurt to clean those pipes. You might consider some Drano if you get a clog.
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    Are you a folder or a cruncher?
  8. Folder with a top side delivery technique.
  9. Two large coffees and two ripe bananas are better than scrubbing bubbles....
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