A drink to take the edge off...

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  1. I am considering taking one shot of alcohol (and one shot only) at 9am to get ready for the opening hour. I find that one drink and I am at my optimal but have never actually tried this for the purposes of trading. I think it may help me take the edge off and focus. Anymore than one shot and I think it will be counterproductive.


    PS Just for reference I am a profitable trader (0ver 100K+ per year in equities). I just want more courage!
  2. traderob


    Alcohol? I would have thought a shot of something else suited you more.

    Early one morning, while making the rounds,
    I took a shot of cocaine and I shot my woman down,
    I went right home and I went to bed,
    I stuck that lovin 44 beneath my head...
  3. In my opinion if you want more courage, instead of drinking your life and money away. Try options there is more excitement in there. Let look at this, I want to take more chances. Why? because you want more excitement. Try options. Its exciting and profitable there you go. good luck

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    All of this time, I thought an edge was mathematical. Damn, I need to hit the bottle.
  5. try a cigar, works much much better, and I am being dead serious.
  6. Well, it's not what I would recommend but everyone's different.

    How can you be sure you'll drink just one?

    If your clearing 100 large but the stress is chipping-away at you, one drink may not work after awhile,. It might be an unconscious attempt to avoid the feeling altogether.

    If you're having a bad market day(and they happen to everyone)
    you might decide to quit trading and just relax a bit.

    A few drinks latter a stock in your watchlist breaks out. Would you have the discipline to remain flat?

    Maybe some other things going on here that you need to resolve.

    I'd personally think this over.
  7. Yes, drink before trading...

    (encourage it, guys! wouldn't you want a drunk on the other side of your trade?)
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    Do you ever do blow while you trade?
  9. What does his sex life got to do with this? :eek::p:D
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    Yeah. This is about drinking and trading -- not sex.
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