A dozen years on the internet, to this day, this is the wildest thing I've seen.

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    Solo is crazy.
  3. Yes. Still crazier his ROPE broke. All those years free-climbing, and it was a rope that failed.

    Anyone else have mind-blowing videos to throw on the table?
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    Do you know story on how he died and WHY his rope broke?
    He was into tying multiple 150' climbing ropes together then jumping off cliffs and arches tied in to a climbing harness, basically bungee jumping.

    After doing several jumps on one rope, he left it anchored for weeks on a large cliff face, through rain and freezing temperatures and high winds that probably abraded the rope. He did a huge leap (don't remember but >'1000'), the rope caught him, stretched out, then snapped while he was 80' off the ground. Oh yeah, and he was chatting on a cell phone with a buddy bragging about the jump as he lept.

    Bravado and disregard for his equipment is what got him.
  5. What's the most extraordinary thing you guys have seen on the internet?
  6. Don't even have to look.

    Folks engaged in shit like that are begging to die early.

    Sometimes their prayers are answered.

    It's a merciful G0D