A Divine Battle

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  1. Through all the vagaries of life, my battle persists...
  2. A Divine Comedy

    That is what my life has become: a tainted tale to pass on to those cautious future generations.

    The might and the glory that I am, must rise to the levels that the present occasion demands of me.
  3. A Divine Intervention

    Even the best has to dig deep within themselves to find that needed inspiration to get to that next level (and there is always that next level). Everything is chaos, in a constant flux and you need to dig through and find the necessary formulations that you can grab hold of, to make sense of it all, and to get to that next level.

    This is a moment that I'm lost completely and fully. I have dug through everything I have and I still cannot get to the other side, the next level. Though I have been well prepared, I have not been prepared enough to the present quandary that I find myself in. The hope is fading, my thoughts slipping, and darkness creeping in. I need a major divine intervention in my life. I need a miracle. I need a miracle so that I can push myself to be all that and more and more that only I can really be.
  4. A Divine Formula

    YTVS >> FIFR >> MAUM >> BINS >> BILL >> IMTM

    Just four simple steps, one step in front of the other:

    [1] YTVS >> FIFR
    [2] MAUM >> BINS
    [3] BINS >> BILL
    [4] BILL >> IMTM

    Making a billion dollars is not that hard. It is actually very easy. All it takes is concentrated effort to execute on a well thought out and a foolproof plan, a well-conceived formula. In the next decade or so, I hope to turn my trading operations into a billion dollar money management business.

    I have a well thought out plan, a formula to get there. And it is going to come down to execution. Executing on each and every single steps to get to the next level as fast, as optimally as possible.
  5. The last trader quoted as saying I need a miracle lost zzz billions at ubs. Just mentioning.

  7. Trying to do high level things as I do take optimal concentration and consistent, constant effort and dealing with many failures. It is hard to stay on the right path at times with my own freewill due to the fact that things at times could get very hard (both mentally and physically). At those times, I hope for all the divine intervention (miracle) so that I can stay on the right course, and tackle the issues at hand in the best possible manner.

    Even when my freewill may not be on the right course, my subconscious divine spirit is on the right course guiding me along.
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  9. That's the short form (code) for 4 stages that I aspire to get to. It is the shortest formula to billions that I have found. Each step will take me anywhere from 1 to 2 years (also could be shorter or longer depending on many factors).
  10. Divine Formula - The Billionaire Code

    YTVS >> FIFR >> MAUM >> BINS >> BILL >> IMTM

    OK, it was five simple steps, one step in front of the other:

    [1] YTVS >> FIFR
    [2] FIFR >> MAUM
    [3] MAUM >> BINS
    [4] BINS >> BILL
    [5] BILL >> IMTM

    Each step will take me 1 to 2 years (or more or less depending on the various situations and conditions).

    I'm at the very beginning stages of step 1. Having a successful hedge fund with many multiple millions under management was the very first part of the equation. Which took me approximately 10 years or so to achieve. This is the second stage, the second stage of going for the kill.

    An optimal execution of these steps will yield many and multiple billions (1 to 100+ billions depending on how well executed each steps are).
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