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    Is this what passes for victory...in the mind of a radical Arab?

    BEIRUT (Reuters) - Fierce fighting raged in Lebanon on Wednesday as an international conference opened in Rome on how to end Israel's 15-day-old war with Hizbollah guerrillas.

    Al Jazeera television said 13 Israeli soldiers had been killed during clashes with Hizbollah guerrillas in a south Lebanese village. Israeli medics reported heavy casualties.

    Hizbollah sources said their fighters had foiled Israeli attempts to evacuate casualties from Bint Jbeil, four km (2.5 miles) inside Lebanon.

    "Our men can hear the screams of their wounded calling for help," one source said.

    Praise be to Allah...??
  2. Think the Jews are not praising their God at the death and suffereing of what they perceive as their enemy?

    When 4 U.N. observers were killed yesterday by an Israeli bomb, and the "official" statement was one of "deep regret" for the killing...do you really think there was "deep regret?"

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    Frankly, no.
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    I thought the Israeli Army had activated its reserves. What are you doing here?
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    You can't keep throwing stones at a bear and not expect to get mauled once in a while.

    The sad part is that the Israeli military is faced with trying to remove a nearly inoperable cancer (hizbollah) that has deliberately and callously wrapped its tentacles around the weak and innocent.

    The ideal solution, of course, would be for the body (the people of Lebanon) to eject the cancer from within.
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    Too many people in Lebanon support the Hizbolla Islamist militia. Sooner or later, Israel is forced to demand an unconditional surrender of Hizbolla and take over the lands that the Lebanese government was supposed to manage but failed because the Lebanese people –as a whole—wanted their government to leave Hizbolla alone and allow them to have all this time and money to dig holes under homes and fill them with bombs and missles.