A daytrading story on CBS news

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  1. Will be on in the next few minutes on the CBS 6:30pm news on the East Coast.

    If anyone cares...
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    thx for the link and info.. i actually missed the actual news story on TV.. anyone know if they are going to replay it?
  3. Too bad the guy didn't have an arsenal of loaded assault weapons hanging on his wall to support the notion that daytraders are volitale/crazy and could go off at any second after blowing up the account...... :D

    Those daytraders are such BAD PEOPLE!!!!!!!!



  4. Marc, you can say that again!
  5. Pabst


    Hey, at least those pinkos at CBS picked a guy who is up on the year!
  6. Marc, that was my first impression too.

    I trade off 30-minute bars and pull in about 100-125% without supporting my broker in the process.
  7. maxtrax


    Just out of curiosity, how much do you think the average full-time trader is making per year. I just want to see how I measure up. I was actually really surprised to read that guy did only about 25%. Maybe thats only what he reports on taxes.

  8. And if he's playing with $1,000,000, 25% of that would only be $250,000...
  9. Dustin


    Yeah that guy isn't making much. I bought a house last year. The bank just needed a "stated income" letter.
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