'A Day in the Life of a FX Spot Desk Trader'

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  1. haven't seen a similar thread here on ET and thought it may be of interest
    5,000,000 would be 50 lots / 40 6E contracts

    'GammaJammer, besides being a regular contributor to T2W, is a sixteen year industry
    veteran with wide ranging experience at a variety of tier 1 trading firms. He has worked
    as an interbank spot FX market maker, institutional currency trader, broker /dealer and
    even in his early days had a short stint as a LIFFE pit trader. He is currently head of
    Spot FX trading for a small institution in London.'

    On the way to the tube station I will have a quick scan through the news headlines on
    my phone, check my e-mails, check the spot market levels in Asia etc. By the time I
    get to the tube station my phone has downloaded all the early morning research pieces
    that I've been sent so I have something more stimulating than the free papers to read
    on the train. It's a pretty short hop down to Bank (usually around twenty minutes), but
    by the time I'm there I usually have a better idea of what has happened of note overnight.
    Over the years I've found I have improved immensely at 'skimming' the morning reading,
    and can fit a surprising amount into the time available."

    GammaJammer's articles:

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    'A Day in the Life ... does GammaJammer's forex ecommerce engine fill my IB orders ?'
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    Hey wallace you advised a new guy on ET that FXCM account is fine to have

    anyone who reads anything from you from this point on is a fool :cool:
  3. GammaJammer is 100% for real...
  4. GJ is definitely for real, anyone spending a few years on boards such as ET, T2W and Trader's Lab should be familiar with him and his contributions to discussions, particularly macroeconomics, FX and bonds/notes.
  5. I know, because I trade with him, if you must know... Whether you want to believe me or not is entirely up to you.
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  8. Again, feel free to believe whatever your heart desires... What I have told you is a fact, however.

    Why would my employer care whether I post here or not?
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