A Day in the Life of a Consistently Profitable Trader

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  1. This questions goes to all the consistently profitable traders. What is a typical day like for you? How was it differ from when you first starting out as a trader? Any change in mentality?


  2. There has been a change in mentality since as a novice trader there was no trading plan, strategy, goal , as well as the proper mindset. No longer does my mind state "go for the kill" or this is it. Those days are again because if they were to remain , I would have been out of business. Swinging for fences is no longer there either. Just hitting singles consistently everyday is the goal.
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    Much much much more relaxed.
  4. at peace with myself. i no longer sweat just before the open and i no longer am owned by the market. meaning i now look forward to the weekends. i used to dread the weekends as i could not wait for the next trading day in order to recoup a loss. thats when you know your trading style needs to be revamped.
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    I trade indices intra day. The TV goes off at the open and stays off. Music (classical or blues) in the background all day; inturruptions are not encouraged. I do not leave the monitors if I have open positions. Usually always am flat at eod, so the market becomes history at the bell.

    Every day starts off fresh, on the prowl for set-ups, usually with nothing carried over to worry about, or cheer for.

    I do well. It is good.
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  7. Patience and a knowing/trusting/belief in my knowledge.
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  9. I guess it's better to be late than never.
  10. you gotta figure out what works best for you - what works for others might not work for you. you must figure out a trading style/timeframe/strategy that is custom tailored to your emotional makeup.

    and its never to late if your willing to change your way of thinking.
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