A Cursory Glance Ahead

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    Investors crying 'monopoly'! in a German clearing firm's bid for Euronext.

    France and Japan finally agree to amass some of their countries' banking debts.

    A large house in Japan announces a 5% cut in jobs in European houses.

    Auto sales on the rise; especially Crysler. Still waiting for their IPO.

    USB trader loses 2B.

    Slashed prices make assuming easily met earnings expectations more weary than candidates they own on the dole.

    Mixed. I'ld fade a rally.
  2. Yeah!. Short it!.

    Talk to me about entries, exits, leverage and trade management.
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    By hand without code or algorithms I'm certain I could forecast arbitrage parities within 95% the entire month every month. I just prefer scalping.

    That besides, hiding option writes with the literature available is becoming more and more problematic. That, and I don't like you. heh.

    Could. Won't.
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    Which rally of all?
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    If you're asking if in my estimation in today's trading traders will all day long attempt to make resistance and a ceiling out of 80 ES, the answer is I 'suspect'. A eod rally into overnight highs might change the scenery a bit, though. I'ld still sell market at close for a stellar gapdown.

    This is exactly how the English/Oxford dictionary was addendumed to death, btw. And in the end, the queen didn't care about that collection of paper either. I don't see how this should be any different.

    Giving my hand at news spikes. Test run.
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    Granted, I envisioned an immediate early morning reversal, but every run-up was faded and ES was sold at the close for a 2.5% gapdown. Perhaps the work of making 80 a ceiling will continue for the next day or two. On a 15 minute chart, the price pattern noticeably recognized is a failed bull flag bull trap. I'm looking for a new high by the end of the week and a Sunday-night slam looking to trap Monday continuation buyers in a an early-morning reversal.

    Let's see if the FED numbers change the scenario.
  7. Don't quit your day job just yet.:p
  8. was it someone trading through USB stick? or he lost 2B selling USB sticks? I am confused please help
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    You prefer against the grain with me yeah? We can do that.

    Unless you're in a spot where you shouldn't be, as in hell, for an example, there's no way of knowing ahead of time when or at what price the 8 hour basket block trades that spike the market for a parabolic happens. Of course you bank on Johnny-Won't-You-Cum-Her-For-My-Late traders to jump on board to steal from when the DR. decides he want to steal their money once prices are pushed above and beyond three deviations of normal distribution; but by then, even the good doctor's volume isn't worth anything. Is it?

    Everything I forecasted arrived at a hit rate I'm comfortable with, and if yours is better, you won't enjoy it for very much longer in this town. You better believe that.
  10. You have the email to my broch. That is if you are who you pretend you are by demeanour, which I seriously doubt. I can't change human nature and neither can you. Not fighting anybody these days. Farewell in any case.:confused: :p
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