A currency based on water

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  1. Life is based on water. Why not our currency!

    There is plenty of it in the industrial country... very few in the poor country... ( so no instant shift of power ).

    Everyone benefit if we respect water as our currency. Clean water is good for everyone.

    It's very easy to store, no risks, furthermore it can pack energy in it ( ice,water, gaz)

    It possible to expand it's quantity easly trough desalinization process... thusfar providing insentive to a clean energy future

    It's impossible to cornered ( None can have a sufficient quantity of water to perturbate the market ).

    It's exponentially avaiable, so meet the needs of a exponential economy...

    It's the only way of protecting our planet, all it's life while still staying creative and happy.

    However I am not an ingenior, so I am sure a good and freethinking economist team can really solve this. If we had a currency based on gold we can have one on water.

    And to make the desert green... it's a need.
  2. There is the matter of liquidity. One must be cognizant of the possibility of freezing hard assets depending on how the winds shift.
  3. dude, please when the dollar was backed by gold... you still had papers in your pokets...
  4. How about Air?? We all need that. Easier to handle then Water too since it can be compressed.
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    How do we differentiate this watery currency from a foreign watery currency? The salt content, the amount of salmon and goldfish or cubic feet?

    I hope this idea of yours work out, it makes speculating on real estate a whole lot more easier.
  6. And what about those manipulative dark pools?
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    And just how do governments aquire this water to back its currency? Steal it from the current owners - as in the water bill congress is now considering? They can't buy it since the existing currency is then worthless.
  8. Would a waterfall constitute currency debasement?
  9. Would borrower countries drown in debt?
  10. No incentive to make the Planet Earth a better place...

    ( same for Gold, how do you see a foreign gold ? )

    Pollution... ahahahaha ! :D If it's clean water it's clean water... It's the only peacefull global currency possible.

    No it doesn't make speculation on real estate easier... unless you can buy BIG... I mean you need to buy the full lake... However today none will sell you the whole place... and even if you get the whole area it will be your best interrest to take care of the place...

    Making the Earth a Bank :)

    ( same for gold )

    :D clean water is clean water... no insider trading too...

    ( same for Gold )

    So you know the owner for the lake Michigan ? or the missippi river ? Please introduce me :)
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