A cryptocurrency trading secret

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    I stumbled upon something that lets me eliminate around 10 to 30 percent of potential cryptocurrencies for longer term speculation. Nearly all of them eventually turn out to be shit coins. If there is anyone out there that trades a lot of crypto and stays invested this could save you from a lot of losses. It is not something that people normally would consider. In fact I've never heard of anyone using this. This could be used to save time by eliminating coins from your list of coins to analyze, or you could go ahead and analyze all of them, but mix this in as a risk factor.

    It should give you enough of an advantage that you could also reduce your volatility by shorting a crypto fund - if you can find one that is shortable.

    I don't trade, don't want to trade, don't want to start my own fund. What s the best way to make some money off this? Should I sell a rating service / newsletter? Should I auction the secret to the highest bidder and then offer for them to pay me more to keep it secret? Talk to fund managers? Talk to corporate CFOs? About 60 percent of the time I try to sell some intellectual property someone finds a way to steal it before I get paid - so thats a problem too. With that in mind I have not put much rigorous effort into it and don't plan to.

    What do you guys think?
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    "A cryptocurrency trading secret"

    It depends, if you make a site to offer information, how many "coinage" is affected and people will most likely make comparisons of good/unfavorable, eventually break down whatever you are offering. Unless of course you getting the information elsewhere. Perhaps you viewing Circulating supply, 24hr volume, market cap, activity of "mining" which can be read by anyone and programmed seeking changes that good coinage is not having. I doubt any fund would buy it as they perhaps already have discovered weaknesses.

    It going to be a tough sell, regardless cause unless you have a subscriber base, how would other interested parties be able to know you called them to be worthless eventually? Perhaps offer 5 people free service if you can ask them to become referrals if other traders inquire of your service.

    Good luck on your new business.
  3. Baozi


    make a newsletter revealing every week 1 or 2 shitcoins that will go bust and a link to your website, where you reveal to paid subscribers ALL the shitcoins to avoid.

    If the predictions of the newsletter are consistent, eventually somebody will subscribe.
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    What's long term? So some coin doubles in price in the next week and your call was that in the long term it will fail? How is it useful? No wander you don't trade.
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    forget it... the easy money has been made in this crypto con.

    I'd say do some prep work, when the next con heats up, my be crypto 2.0 or something else, you gotta act fast.
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  7. Well, you now this 10 to 30 percents of all present in the market crypto currencies will go away too soon anyway cause they will not bring any profit to their customer and whole exchange will be closed. It's too easy to create a coin nowadays and it's not working.
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    actually no secrets, just luck