A crude awakening: the oil crash

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  2. Blockbuster has it. I just rented a copy.
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  4. I got it in the mail today from Blockbuster.
    Will watch it tonight.
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  6. I watched the movie last night. Excellent.

  7. The site I posted has a chapter "What about Biodiesel?".
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    Its not biodiesel, its green-oil.
    That is...
    refined into gasoline, jet-A, ect...
    using current/existing refineries
    that is consumed by existing planes, trains and automobiles.
    produced using NO arable land
    produced using NO potable water
    feedstock is sunlight and CO2 and WASTE water.
    WILL NOT displace farmland
    WILL NOT harm drinking water supplies.

    But...thanks for reading the site I posted. I read your links, you're an alarmist.

    IF you are NOT part of the SOLUTION
    YOU are part or the PROBLEM!

  9. First thing I look into when discussing a particular alternative energy is - what is the source of the energy? In the case of green-oil it is solar energy.

    From here you can see the problems it brings. There are two main interconnected problems with solar energy:
    1) it has limited potential (you cannot force sun to give more energy)
    2) thus you need to use extremely large territories covered with solar energy equipment.

    Now what kind of solar energy equipment does not matter. Be it algae based or photovoltaic modules. The most important characteristic is - efficiency. For example, the record in solar cell is 40% energy conversion efficiency by Boeing-Spectrolab. Algae bioreactor efficiency currently is only 15%. So you can see who's the winner. These numbers deal with the potential part.

    Now the second important part is land related. I think these two quotes will speak for themselves:


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