A Credit Card You Want to Toss!

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  2. Yup, these banks are dicks. Pay off your cards? That's just dumb.

    What you need to do is get a $10K cash advance on 10 cards ($100K min) and THEN tell them all to go fuck off.
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    Well BOA are super dicks for the rest of my card companies didn't pull the crooked horse crap that BOA did.
  4. Any Navy Federal members get 5.9% fixed rate balance transfers for the life of the balance.

    Just a heads up if there are any NFCU members here.
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    I wouldn't trust BOA with anything!
  6. No it's not BofA it's Navy Federal Credit Union I was referring to..

    You have to have some affiliation with the Navy or Marine Corp to be eligible but they have been advertising a 5.9% balance transfer fixed for the life of the transfer. I figured there were a couple NFCU members around here somewhere if they didn't want to get fucked over by BofA or any of those sharks.
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    I did similar to that, interest rates hitting the 30% level, got out of work, told 'em all to fuck off... all that happens is the phone rings a lot with automated messages from collections agencies... yesterday I researched my rights and found that I can tell them to not call me and they have to stop, maybe it's more like I can restrict them to certain hours, I found conflicting info but i mailed one a registered letter yesterday, waiting to see what they do/say.. if they get outside the restrictions spelled out in the FDCPA act you can sue them, I've heard of settlements as high as $65,000........ you wait 3-4 years for the statute of limitations to run out and you can probably start up with credit again, and after 7 years it's like it never happened...
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    Statute of limitation is 6 years and after seven years they can't report your debt to credit agencies.
    There is todays article in NY Newsday about "zombie" debt that reappears for some people after years of filing for chapter 7 and they explain in details about statute of limitation and all other stuff.
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    There are different statutes of limitation in each state.
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  10. If you use tradition credit cards your a fucking fool.

    The sheeople will soon learn to live with "in" their measly means. That's right sheeople, the caps on interest are no longer. The rule was abolished and all, I mean ALL credit card companies will be following BOA's move.

    I suggest you sell your SUV's, your BMWs, stop your wife from thinking the family "ROLLS" and pretends she is one of those Beverly Hills girls.

    The sheeople could not control their debt, now, the debt will control them.

    I wouldn't blame agencies if most were to raise their rates to 40% plus.

    Open a "emergency fund", learn how to save you simple minded fucks. Learn how to make wise financial decision like the individual, who posted about tearing up his card.

    You can get a revolving line of credit for under 5% at your bank if you meet the requirements. If you dont, then to bad.

    Capitalism was never meant to be Fair, it was only meant to give one "Opportunities" not "guarentees.
    Read FOUNTAIN HEAD and learn something.

    Good------ by middle class.

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