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  1. Today I got to experience MetaStock Pro FX and my reaction was "epic fail" for 179$/month this thing did not even reflect sydney open by default. Then I decided to try live charts from esignal (52.95$ including a forex feed) and while a little spartan it fits my needs perfectly (I have outgrown the free chart provided by fxtrek because it is unreliable)
  2. Have you thought about trying NinjaTrader with a Gain FX or MBT demo feed? It's free for charting and about as useful as the feed you are using from E*Signal, since your trades are executed on the quotes of your broker, not those from E*Signal? OR even better, open a demo MT4 from MBT.
  3. I am a positional trader it is not the "quotes" that matter it is the chart itself. The feed I am using now features 200 banks so it is better than GAIN or MBT.
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    If you are a "positional trader" then it really doesn't make a difference and you charts are pretty much the same. The 200 bank feed you are paying for (HotSpotFx feed) is only usefull if you need split-second tight spread pricing (ala scalper or very short term trader) but if you are a "position" player as you identify yourself, then you are going to get to your target whether Hotspot feed or another feed - they all end up in the same place.

    Stupid to pay for a price feed you can't trade off.
  5. No they are not the same. I take my cues from the relationship of the closing price to opening price and if a chart package does not reflect sydney open it is a big deal to me. The reason I am moving away from fxtrek free charts is because a)they don't show every pair properly b) mistakes and errors on the charts.
  6. Here I decided to give you a specific example. See if you can spot a problem on the GBP/CHF chart of fxtrek.

    Answer: They invented a whole day where the arrow points. This kind of error is unacceptable and distorts the graph.

  7. Your wtf-candle appears to be sunday candle.

    Its not necessarily an error. Daily charts often look very different because in a 24-hour market like FX it does matter what timezone you use to break the daily candles. A daily chart based on GMT looks different to a chart based on EST. Then some don't display sundays, some add it to the monday-candles, and some (most) have sunday-candles.
  8. My god, why are people always explaining obvious things to me. Today is monday right? Today's candle follows from sunday candle and if you look at the screenshot both of those candles for today look very similar, the day I referenced is clearly an error. I have been using fxtrek charts for a year and sometimes they do a wtf kind of thing.