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  2. He just killed it last night. Only one statesman left in America.
  3. It was a beautiful sight to behold. It's like there is a tiny spark of liberty and freedom and Ron Paul is going to carry it to the White House, so he can reignite the torch that was once America.

    Even his adversaries are having to admit that he was right about this and that, and that is something that shows Paul's true leadership ability.

    Cain's camp has pretty much gone over to Ron Paul, his adversaries are complimenting him and admitting he was right, he is polling well in the "more acceptable" polls, the corporate media is now forced to acknowledge him, the independents are growing while the dems and republicans are losing people (dems far more than repubs), his ground game in the early states is second to none, his fundraising continues to impress...I'm thinking Ron Paul is fast approaching even money status in this thing.
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    I agree.

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    What needs to happen now is Gingrich needs to imlpode, we already know his voters wont go to Romney, as they seem to be the anti Romney vote who have switched to one guy after another, If Gingrich implodes, some of his vote should go to Ron Paul and the rest will just be scattered among the remaining candidates as they have already tried each and every one of them and realized they dont like them.

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  7. I think the demo for that implosion has already been set. He's a serial adulterer, the only house member ever to be reprimanded for ethics violations (had to resign just a few days into his last terms as a result), not to mention being a serial flip-flopper.

    I agree that once Ron Paul picks up the Gingrich mob (however real or contrived it is), he is definitely in the drivers seat.
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    So now you are advocating for the destruction of another republican candidate?

    This is why Obama will be reelected. The MSM was able to induce the republicans to cannibalize one another. World-class manipulation and the end of our country. Nice work.
  9. I advocate for the destruction of any candidate unworthy of the office. Party affiliation is irrelevant.

    Furthermore, you needn't worry about Obama if the GOP gets behind Ron Paul....Paul polls higher among independents than Obama does and that spells doom in a head to head.
  10. Of course you are correct. Politicians are always destroying eachother. Its called politics.

    On a side note, I'm going to ignore the commentary of those who make absolutely ridiculous posts about Dr. Paul. Just post with clarity and not get involved in pissing contests with people who clearly haven't done their homework. Just keep posting truth - it can't be stopped.
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