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    Hi guys,

    I have a basic question about covered call. If I have a covered call for an underlying (underlying price = $200) and strike price of covered call is $210 and premium is $5. If the covered call is ITM and gets assigned or is ITM on its last date of validity, then as I understand, I can have the $5 premium + the $10 increase in profit from stock price increase making total profit $15 is that correct ? Or is it only the $10 profit on the stock that would be there for this scenario while the option position gets closed (buy transaction) at $5 making the profit $0 for the long call position?
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    So if I follow this (it's a Saturday night, and beer has been nice-to-know-ya), you've got
    stock at $211 (let's say)
    stock bought at $200 -- current position profit $11
    call at $210, sold at $5.
    What's the situation as it stands right now, 15 figurative seconds before expiration?

    $5 premium stays in your pocket.
    the call disappears (let's assume costlessly),
    as does your $211 stock -- which you sold at $210 per the call.
    (The $211 is now irrelevant -- it's the boon to the next guy.)
    Your profit on the stock remains at Purchase-CallStrike = $10
    So, a $15 profit on the covered call.

    Does that get you where you need to be?
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    Thank you TomMcGinnis.

    Yes it does.

    Just to add, does it go the same way for Futures contracts and related options as well ?