A couple questions for the remaining "birthers"

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    1.) What is the plot here? If indeed this is a massive scam to cover up Obamas birth certificate, What is the desired result by the people who are doing it?

    2.) What do you hope to achieve by finding Obamas "real" place of birth?

    3.) If this is in fact a conspiracy, do you think the same people who were willing to fake the Birth certificate are going to give in?
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    Hello, it's really pretty easy to understand. We have short memories but under Bush we had 8 years of every conspiracy under the sun, from 9/11 being an inside job, to Bush stole both the 2000 and 2004 elections to he lied about Iraq. What all these things have in common is hatred for the current President.

    I can't wait to hear the conspiracy theories if Romney gets in. Everything from the free masons to Mormons to the Illuminati.

    It was just as bad under Clinton. We had like 30 to 40 mysterious deaths with people who were involved in the Whitewater scandal. The Clintons were supposedly knocking them off one at a time. The rape stuff probably have some degree of truth to it knowing what we know now. But it's all par for the course. I actually think the birther stuff, although crazy, is pretty tame in comparison to Clinton and Bush.

    Hell remember the theory that LBJ had Kennedy assassinated? The list goes on and on.
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    Good answer.

    I fully understand that this kind of conspiracy b.s. goes on with both sides. The reason i address the issue is based on the off chance that someone might look at it logically and realise that it doesnt make any sense. Sadly the people who remain as birthers at this point can only be deemed to be completely crazy, or completely irrational, unless they can answer the 3 questions i asked above with legitimate answers. It troubles me that there are otherwise rational people out there who will believe in a conspiracy just for the sake of believeing in a conspiracy.

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    That's the thing, I really don't think they believe it. I have friends who are 9/11 truthers and at the end of the day, I think they just hate Bush. I know them pretty well and they don't even understand the logic behind the truther movement but it gives them a chance to yell out how much they hate Bush. It's the same with Obama. People just hate him. The President of either party draws a lot of hate because they are the de-facto leader of the party and the face of that ideology. So the President is a magnet for all the haters.
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    Here is my opinion on that argument. Im a young guy.(29) Like you I have alot of friends who love Obama, and hated bush. None of these people understand the dynamics of the 2 politicians, and they dont pay attention to politics at all. They just have an opinion which is based on the medias perception of the 2. I.E. Bush is bad, Obama is good. So when one of them comes out with truther non-sense it is alot easier for me to understand where they are coming from, because they simply dont know any better.

    With that said the people on this site who are birthers spend alot of time on the internet, and certainly spend enough time to figure out what is and isnt true. If a person trades fora living they spend atleast 6 and a half hours a day in front of the screens whereby they can research and look into all of this stuff.

    So given the fact that we are "internet warriors" I can only assume that the people who choose to remain as birthers are highly irrational. What makes this even stranger is that i have yet to meet a trader who is not very logical. Infact i dont think you can profitably trade if you are not incredibly logical. I have personally met and traded with many 6 and 7 figure traders and i can honestly tell you that i never met a single one who wasnt an extremely logical person. So then what i find strange is that these conspiracy theorists who should know better are polluting a trading site which is dedicated to logic, and reasoning, but they fight logic and reason with every thing they have.

  6. I hate what Bush did but he didn't know about 911, I think he convinced himself that we had to attack Iraq, and he really did think the mission was accomplished at the time. I think Bush loved this country and thought he was doing the right thing or at least tried to do the right thing. He just got it wrong. And obviously god wasn't telling him what to do.
    Hopefully Obama will get it together and do better in the next 5 years and not leave the democratic version of a Bush legacy.
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    Nice to hear this response from a logical unbiased lefty. I agree with everything you said.

    Bush wasnt "evil" he was just hopelessly inept. :D

  8. On the list of all things wrong with Obama, the birther "issue" is the last thing on the list, no matter how long of list. Always has been and always will be.

    Every conservative knows this isn't how you defeat Obama, let alone liberalism.

    The issue doesn't revolve around PBo's birth place. What it does represent is a look into to the true character of Obama which should be the most basic foundation from which great leaders are made of. And with Obama we are finding out more and more each day how little character this man had to begin with, not to mention the character of all liberals in the media protecting him.

    Now the idea that the birther issue is going to alienate (as told to us by all liberals) independents is total nonsense. It's to say independents are complete idiots who will suddenly forget the economic shit hole liberalism has brought upon us and vote for more of it. All because they're freaked out by a birth cert issue...yawn. Independents know that the ideas associated with liberalism are what the real problem areas are.

    Todays headline is that Obama's approval rating is at an all time low for a 2nd straight week. What does that say about the impact of the birther issue.

    And why do you think the race card is out in full swing with relation to it, the name calling. These defense mechanisms of the faux intellectual crowd always happen when they are experiencing max pain.

    And they are at their best (exposing their true character) when the pain level is high!
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    This is exactly it. The whole birther angle is nothing more than a distraction at this point. Conservatives who want to get rid of Obama should be focused on the real issue, which is what a terrible president Obama is.

  10. I agree. Although I would add that he did essentially get the first term of his presidency handed to him by the Supreme Court. I don't blame Bush for it, but it is what it is.
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