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  1. marketsurfer in his never-ending quest to bring you the latest and best market news , views, as well as deadly accurate stock picks and directional market calls presents a link to ISE's sentiment indicator on www.marketsurfer.com . go to the "new and cool" segment on the home page and click on "investor sentiment".

    i have found this indicator to be quite informative ;).

    enjoy !

  2. give customer data like this ?

    thanks for the link ...

  3. i wish !

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  4. data ...

    using 225 ( random choice by me )
    or higher # for possible short term tops

    do not have something as sophisticated a tradestation

    to do a study so this will have to do

    interesting for me that the all time high # was so much higher than the others and it meant nothing.

    on the other hand for nimble traders the zone around the

    >225 readings sometimes led to a 20 point ( usually )

    occasional 50 point spoos drop.

    the data I saw was confined to the start of the bull market rally

    withing the bear market (?) so I would have liked to see data from before this but I guess ISE was not around then

    I might re visit the data to see how really low #'s do in calling a short term bottom

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    nice site
  6. the recent high number was made before the drop friday

    and fridays drop was 10 points from the highs so perhaps another 10 points drop into mid week and then off we go into

    wed , thurs , fri with earnings and option expiry setting the tone

    hey marketsurfer ... maybe friday / monday mext week will
    be the short term top ?

    else maybe its nasdaq 2750 :)
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    For me seeing data in non numerical or textual form makes things easier to view. Hopefully this is useful to someone else besides me.

    Have a good weekend and thanks for the link MarketSurfer!

  8. The ISE had been mentioned in articles last fall. It should be a great new tool. Unfortunately - since I last checked about two weeks ago - they are always a day behind in posting closing numbers. If you watch, they won't post Friday's number until 1/2 ~ 1 hour into the trading day on Monday. Makes it hard to shape up a game plan for the day. I'm sure the computers have the numbers by the end of each day to be posted for the day. Maybe no one in New York wants to hang around after 4 P.M. to post them to the website...

  9. seth,

    thanks for the studies. we will see what happens.


    surfer :)