A Confession

Discussion in 'Politics' started by names123, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. names123


    max401 is TM_Direct is Maverick74 is Pabst plus many more

    Manolo is James Stock is spect8or is rowenwood is rgelite is Romeo plus many more

    .......sorry folks, it has gone too far.....
  2. I'm so confused?!!?!!!
  3. Wait......so who is names123?
  4. maybe it's baron....lol
  5. I was gonna guess that too actually...In which case how about purging all of his secrets (aka dup members)?
    Mostly just because I'm nosey...
  6. You've a serious case of paranoid schizophrenia. I'm quite serious buddy, I wouldn't lie to you.

    I'm sorry, but your schizophrenia is hilarious. LOL. I'm actually quite concerned about your welfare. I strongly advise you to contact a competant psychologist to acquire your pscyhoanalysis. You're showing symptoms, no joke.

  7. LMAO
    This is the funniest thread I've ever read. I know it's you WAGGIE.

    Actually, we're all figments of your imagination.
  8. Pabst


    I hate to burst your bubble but while I have used 3 different names on this site in three years, Maverick74 is not me. I am The Answer and Maureen Dowd though. Doubt I've "fooled" anyone with those.

    I know Maverick quite well on a "non-cyber" basis and I would BET that he's never had another alias. He says he hasn't and I believe him. Also anyone who has ever been with both Mav and Pabst simultaneously in a Mirc chat would agree I can't hardly be both. I suppose it can be done but with my lack of computer/typing skills, it ain't me babe.
  9. Maybe RiskArb and Waggie are the same person. Hmmm

    Not that it makes any difference, just a good mystery. :)
  10. What about waggie and maverick. Could they be the same person? Now that could be a hoot.:D
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