A Commodimetric Approach to Trading Silver

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    I have chosen EliteTrader to try out on fellow silver bugs a new way to make trade decisions. It is not indicator-based. It is not oscillator-based. It is not retrace-based. Rather it employs an entirely new analytical approach I call commodimetric, for lack of a better term. My goal is to quantify the decisions I have made by gut feel in the past. The chart attached shows the trader interface for the underlying decision model. I used the ETF SLV for illustration, although it works identically on SI. The model today called a buy four days ago. The call is still valid. I will post the inevitable improvements that experiences dictate.
  2. Here is my system for trading silver and it never fails.

    #1. Buy the dips.
    #2. Don't sell.

    Its worked wonders for me.
  3. you are a genius
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    Admirably simple. I use that for gold. But how you determine what a dip in silver is?
  5. It's called intuition.... You develop it after watching the screen for a long f&$#@ time. People ask you "what do you look for" or "why are you entering this trade" and your answer is a variation of "I don't know".

    I know a wildly successful trader who has this ability.
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    You have a talent I will never possess. After spending that "f&$#@ time" all I have to show for it is a few dubious squiggly lines on a chart and a handful of doubtful algorithms I pretend to believe in. I believe that it is a matter of character. Those few intuitives like you have bold confidence. The timid majority need the "certainty" of analysis. So gurus will never starve.
  7. I didn't say I had that ability... and I don't.

    I said I know a trader who has it.. lol

    I wish I could do that
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    My mistake. Does your friend give lessons? I have never watched anyone trade but myself, so I no role models to imitate.
  9. you are the best trader ever lived
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    I am the best trader I have ever seen trade live. But obviously irrelevant as a silver trading guru, judging from the lack of response. I'll go peddle "commodimetric analysis" somewhere the traders are more gullible.
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