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  1. I know people bitch left and right about the support of IB, but quick frankly compared to another other brokerage, I think they're great. To me at least they are fairly friendly, fairly knowledgable. Wait times are reasonable.

    all in all a great brokerage
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    furthermore, 99.9% of the things you need to know are posted on their web... it is much quicker and more convenient to use the "Search" button to find answers.
    After all, if you phone the customer service, all they do is go to the same web to give you the answer.
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    I have never had a problem with, nor had any complaints with IB's customer service. People that do are just complainers at heart or have no business having an IB account in the first place.
  4. I've had generally OK responses from IB customer service. But I've also met guys who absolutely won't go back to IB because of customer service.

    My dad bought a Ford Falcon back in the 60's and it turned out to be a total lemon. He swore at that point he'd never by another Ford (and never did). Of course Ford didn't go out of business just because of my dad.
  5. I have never had a problem getting help from them. They are not there to hold your hand during a trade but I've found if I have a problem they are pretty responsive. If you are dealing with less urgent issues you have to be patient and keep following up with them through there electronic ticket system. Eventually they will get it done. No complaints from me.
  6. Have had to use Hong Kong office, UK office as well as USA office on a few occasions and the guys were ALL excellent. Many thanks IB.
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    I had one of those. I thought I was getting a deal because I only paid $25. I got ripped off.:p

    In the distant past, IB's tech support was a problem. Lately, I have found them to be generally prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. My biggest complaints are the poor documentation and poor quality control of software upgrades.
  8. It all depends on who you get.
  9. I had two accounts with IB and each time I was frozen out of TWS. All I got from those turds were insults and right at the start of the conversation. Frankly, I was flabbergasted by their responses.

    The low broker fees lured me in twice, so shame on me.
  10. you do realize how much you'll end up saying per year, just going with a broker that offers "low" commissions.

    if there's a broker who'd like to be give 0.001 lower in exchange for being nice, pleasant, respectful.... then I'd love to sign up :)
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