A Chicago vacation

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Bambino, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. Riva's is decent for food at the Pier.
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  2. Great thread - I'm planning a trip to Chicago soon too.

    My company has a desk on the CBOT, so I'll be spending some time there.

    I would also like to visit the Merc - but I their visitors gallery was closed - is this true? Just wondering if anyone knows for sure.

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  3. Yes, excellent suggestion. Edwardo's WW thin crust is good too. Don't forget to stop at Portillo's for hot dogs/beer/italian beef on Ontario, just East of LaSalle.

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  4. qdz3se


    why do you want to go to the wind city at this time of the year?

    you might want to consider to come to NYC.

    aren't you interested in visiting interior of NYSE?

    you are welcome.

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  5. Nordic


    Millennium Park and walking Michigan avenue, ( If it's not too cold)
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  6. jem


    That is sort of sad. I looked at those pits the first few times I was in Chicago and thought it was the superbowl everyday for more money.
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  7. Get dinner at Ballo's on Dearborn/Illinois, then head over to Club Moda one block over on Hubbard St. Great food and smoking hot women at both places.

    Ballo's is run by George Dana, the son of Alex Dana...Rosebud Restaurants. They have a great chef and the atmosphere is awesome...

    Club Moda...what can I say? The place is full of what you want!
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  8. good idea
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  9. nitro


    "Fashion-savvy 30- and 40-somethings hit this dance club with credit cards at the ready.
    Editorial Rating: Recommended

    The Scene
    Moda is Italian for "fashion," so a trendy attitude is required--jeans will likely keep you out. The place starts heating up around 11pm, with the top floor of the two-level club filling first. People pack the bar, as beautiful bartenders make martinis like the Runway, the Perfect 10 and one of the best chocolate martinis in the city. Dramatic red paper-maiche leaves hang over the bar, and imported Italian drapery separates the dance floor from a raised area of cushy booths.

    The Draw
    The music is loud, drinks are strong, and occasionally, there are high-style events like fashion shows. The low-ceilinged, candlelit lower level, complete with its own bar, offers serious lounging, with buttery leather couches and slightly quieter music that are conducive to romantic rendezvous. A VIP area is fair game, as long as it's not reserved.

    Editorial content is independent of paid advertisers. Any expenses are paid for by Citysearch.
    Insider Tips

    Save Money
    If you're with a group, snag a booth and order a bottle of your fave libation; it's served with all the fixings and mixings, and often less expensive than ordering individual drinks.

    Know Before You Go
    Bouncers choose which patrons go in and which ones don't. Just showing up doesn't mean you'll get to party here, so have a Plan B."


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  10. nitro


    My choices:


    But probably should be with a date to the Green Mill. Green Mill is a hole in the wall, so don't expect much. Down the street is a great latin bar to go dancing. Just follow all the noise and the people :D $20 cab ride from where you are.

    Note well, these places are very off center of the "scene." Sort of like Off Broadway in NYC.

    It all depends on what you like.

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