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    The words as followings fit the chart in attachment. Right or wrong? Waiting your views.

    The movement of price between line 1 and 2 was building the bottom. The real up wave started from line 2. And now the third up is going. So I think it will waste more than 10 days to touch the top. And then it will fall more than before.
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    Nobody says something?
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    chart shows you nothing, NOTHING

    its all random and shit,

    now if you'll excuse me, I got a marijuana joint to smoke, and I am off to making trouble for the establishment
  4. Needed are:

    Stock Symbol
    Time Frame....then we can compare notes.

    What are the purpose of ur trendlines?
    What are those numbers?
  5. If u want candle analysis, u have a big shooting star, followed by a bearing engulfing of real bodies. Then two very small hammers.

    The story told is that a shooting star portends the coming of bears, small hammers by the bulls will try to repel the bears.
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    Trendlines show the support and resistance.

    The numbers record the trading days from the bottom and the top.
  7. "Small hammers will try to repel the bears"

    Does that mean the bulls will not succeed?